Being a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction, the WDKY saga features a number of characters from the hit anime and manga series, but also introduces some original characters of my own creation. Some only appear once, while others play important roles within the story. Read more about each of the characters here, and how I’ve chosen to characterize them for this series.


  • Téa Gardner
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Mokuba Kaiba
  • Yugi Moto
  • Joey Wheeler
  • Mai Valentine
  • Tristan Taylor
  • Duke Devlin
  • Ryou Bakura
  • Solomon Moto
  • Malik Ishtar
  • Isis Ishtar
  • Serenity Wheeler
  • Miho Nosaka
  • Noah Kaiba
  • Gozaburo Kaiba
  • Amane Bakura

Original Characters

  • Sergeant Konami
  • Rick Gardner
  • Charles
  • Chieko Sagusa
  • Ms. Misao
  • Mr. Norimachi
  • Principal Kagawa
  • Vice-Principal Ryohoshi
  • Francesca Lohrs
  • The Glassblower