Chapter 27 Up!

Well, it’s been something like an astonishing five years in the making, but Chapter 27 is finally up, posted, done! For the sake of reading ease, it’s broken up into 13 parts of roughly 1500 words a piece. Some are slightly longer, some are a bit shorter.

I was honestly so thrilled to finally get it into a state where I was happy with it –after tons of iterations, edits with Aelibia again, edits with Andinel (my boyfriend and in-house editor), edits using the Hemingway app, edits using Grammarly… I may have gone a bit overboard.

So thank you to Aelibia and Andinel, but also thank you, dear reader, for encouraging me to continue, for continuing to review, give kudos, and all that wonderful stuff. It means so much to see such kind words every time I look at my clock or go to my Desktop.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a part of my Desktop:

Azurite's Desktop

What’s next: Well, aside from the obvious of Chapter 28 (which I hope I can churn out in 1500-word chunks to get it out sooner), I plan on:

  • Adding all prior review replies to this site, since I don’t really use LiveJournal anymore… however, my account there is a Permanent one, so it theoretically shouldn’t go anywhere. I just don’t update it (much).
  • Verifying you can easily navigate from one chapter to the next to the latest by adding links at the bottom of each chapter.
  • Ensuring all the chapters posted here have accurate links, tags, categories, headers, and so forth… this site will be the definitive “latest version” of the story, if any changes are made. If they’re significant enough,  I might upload a file to Archive of Our Own and, though.
  • Adding more bonus material, including fanart, a soundtrack, and more!

Hopefully see you soon!


1 thought on “Chapter 27 Up!”

  1. Hi
    Just wanted to say that you write real well, good job. Read chapter 1-4 ,waited and nearly forgot about it (found the old bookmark) . The chapters, although long, are written in just a spectacular way.
    Thank You for doing such a fine job.
    : )

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