WDKY features several¬†Original Characters, none of whom end up having “starring roles.”
However, they were all created for a purpose, and now you know why…

Characters are listed in order of appearance (by Chapter).

Sergeant Konami¬†–¬†The police officer who calls T√©a to inform her of the Gardners’ deaths. Konami¬†is the name of the company that produces all the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” games, including¬†the trading card game and the console games.

First¬†appearance in Chapter 1 – “This Was Me ”

Mr. Takahashi¬†– T√©a’s¬†Science (Chemistry) teacher, and an homage to the creator of “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Kazuki¬†Takahashi.

First appearance in Chapter 3 – “Call¬†It A Personal Favor”

Mrs. Higurashi¬†–¬†T√©a’s Home Economics teacher, and a reference to Kagome Higurashi’s mother from¬†the anime/manga “Inuyasha.”

First appearance¬†in Chapter 3 – “Call It A Personal Favor”

Mr. Kinomoto¬†– T√©a’s¬†History teacher, and named after the father of Sakura Kinomoto, aka Cardcaptor¬†Sakura, from the CLAMP anime and manga of the same name.

First¬†appearance in Chapter 3 – “Call It A Personal Favor”

Miss Ninomiya¬†–¬†T√©a’s Japanese Literature teacher, and a reference to the buxom, age-changing
teacher of the same name from Ranma 1/2.

First appearance¬†in Chapter 3 – “Call It A Personal Favor”

Ms. Misao¬†– T√©a’s¬†gym teacher and a reference to the nurse from Miwa Ueda’s popular manga series,¬†“Peach Girl.”

First appearance in Chapter¬†3 – “Call It A Personal Favor”

Why not Mr. Karita (from¬†Battle 50, and the arc when Bakura first appeared)? Because female students¬†typically have a female teacher for Phys. Ed., and males have a male teacher.¬†Plus we can assume that Karita doesn’t necessarily teach every single year of¬†students, even if he¬†is¬†still working at Domino after Bakura put his¬†soul into a Monster World piece…

Mr. Furuhata¬†–¬†T√©a’s¬†Trigonometry teacher, and a slight homage to Motoki Furuhata, the arcade manager¬†in the hit anime and manga “Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.”

First appearance in Chapter 1 – “This Was Me” (unnamed).

First NAMED¬†appearance in Chapter 3 – “Call It A Personal Favor.”

Jacques Mode –¬†A¬†famous French fashion designer. “Mode” is the French word for “Fashion.”
Jacques is pronounced like “Jack,” but with a more pronounced ‘q’¬†sound instead of a ‘k’ sound.

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Elise¬†– One of Jacques¬†Mode’s female assistants. She wears glasses.

First¬†appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Marie¬†–¬†The other female assistant of Jacques Mode.

First¬†appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Theodore Iwana/Laroque¬†–¬†Mr. Gardner’s¬†former legal assistant/paralegal. He was also responsible for the Gardners’¬†deaths, having been coerced by the Big Five to plant a grenade in their car. Theodore¬†means “a gift of God,” while Iwana and Laroque are both names (Japanese
and French, respectively), that mean “stone” or “rock.”¬†This is due to Theodore’s forcing himself NOT to care about Eric and Elizabeth;¬†he selfishly blunts the truth away from him, and causes their demise.

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

First NAMED appearance in Chapter 9 – “Boy Season”

Ms. Kodaku –¬†A¬†pun on the name ‘Kodak.’ Kodak is a photography company, and PR, or public relations,¬†is the division that of KaibaCorp that Ms. Kodaku heads. I figured PR people¬†would have to deal with the press and photographers a lot, so…

First¬†appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Mr. Eba¬†– T√©a’s English teacher, and the name of the male lead in the manga “Wild¬†Act.”

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry¬†On Dancing”

Mr. Kobiyashi¬†– the¬†Vice President and second-in-command to Seto Kaiba himself in the hierarchy¬†of KaibaCorp. His position as such lasts only until Mokuba turns 13, and he¬†assumes his place as Seto’s Vice President. Mokuba says that he’s a very funny,¬†very interesting man.

First appearance in Chapter 4¬†– “Carry On Dancing”

Mariko Toriyama¬†– Head of inter-company relations at Sony. Mariko is a common girl’s name in
Japan, while Toriyama is the name of a website where people go to obtain scanlations of various  manga series that are not yet available in English.

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Ono Shueisha –¬†A¬†representative officer from Nintendo, the gaming corporation. His family
name¬†“Shuiesha” is also the name of the publishers that distribute Weekly¬†Shonen Jump, the magazine that featured “Yu-Gi-Oh!” for its entire¬†run.

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Frederick Janson¬†– The American head of Industrial Illusions, and Maximillion’s VP. After ¬†Pegasus’s “death,” he took over the reigns of the wildly successful company responsible
for the creation of Duel Monsters, but he also keeps in mind that Yugi holds 60% of the shares in the company and is the one Pegasus named as his successor.

First appearance in Chapter 4 – “Carry On Dancing”

Kyuuji Sajizawa¬†–¬†A junior reporter for the¬†Evening Star¬†tabloid newspaper. The one who’s
name is on the byline for the interview/article with Téa, re: the Ball.

First¬†appearance in Chapter 5 – “Dwelling”

Hojo Shiro¬†– The¬†editor-in-chief of the¬†Evening Star. His given name (Hojo) is written¬†with the characters for “fire” and “boil/seethe,” while¬†his surname “Shiro” uses the kanji character for “white.”¬†This is related to his temperment, and how he is both calm and angry when Kaiba
shows up in his offices.

First appearance in Chapter¬†5 – “Dwelling”

Chieko Sagusa¬†– T√©a’s new classmate; a transfer from New York City’s “Degas Ballet Academy.”
Her name (written with specific kanji) is roughly translated to “Child¬†of Wisdom and Grace.” Her surname (Sagusa) with the kanji I selected, translates¬†to “Different Pastures.” I chose both of these meanings to represent¬†her character; she is an intelligent and interesting young girl, in tune with¬†her surroundings, but true to her own heart, above all else. She speaks very¬†proper Japanese, using very little slang, and also speaks perfect English.

First appearance in Chapter 6 – “Cooking With¬†a Kaiba”

Audrey Banks –¬†One¬†of the Elizabeth Gardner’s former co-workers; Audrey was also employed at the¬†Crump Financial Firm. Audrey means “noble strength,” a name I chose¬†because Audrey’s actions in Chapter 9 required a lot of strength, and Audrey,¬†though a minor character, has that. Banks is a silly reference to where she¬†works– a financial firm.

First appearance in Chapter 9¬†– “Boy Season”

Michael Hearst¬†– One of Eric “Rick” Gardner’s co-workers at The Johnson Firm, which¬†consisted of many high-powered lawyers and attorneys. He, like Audrey, was familiar¬†with both Eric and Elizabeth, as well as T√©a Gardner. The name “Michael”¬†means “one who is like God; honorable.” Again, his actions in Chapter¬†9 required a lot of inner strength and honor; Michael has that. “Hearst”¬†is English, meaning “Dweller from near the sign of the Hart.” A Hart¬†is an adult male red stag, which are very proud, noble creatures.

First appearance in Chapter 9 – “Boy Season”

Odagiri –¬†One of the many gang members Joey is familiar with at the¬†DV8 club. He’s only 15, and goes to the same junior high as Serenity, in a¬†different city near Tokyo/Domino. he is known to have an older sister who¬†attends Domino High, though she’s not in Joey’s class. When he is first introduced,¬†he is accompanied by ‘Cigs’ (in sunglasses) and ‘Oil Head.’ His name is inspired
by Asuka Odaigiri from the hit Miki Aihara manga “Hot Gimmick.”

First appearance in Chapter¬†10 – “Separation, and then…”

The Chibas¬†– The¬†newlyweds that moved into the old Gardner family home. They’re a reference
to Usagi and Mamoru Chiba from “Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon,” of course,¬†and Usagi’s unborn child is Chibiusa.

First appearance¬†in Chapter 11 – “All That I Need”

Shunsuke and Akane  Two third-year (senior) students at Domino High; the President and Vice-President respectively, of the Drama Club. Shunsuke is very over-dramatic and flamboyant,
while Akane is a bit hot-headed, but not as excitable as her companion. Shunsuke¬†is an entirely original character, while Akane is loosely based off Akane Tendo¬†from Rumiko Takahashi’s hit series, “Ranma 1/2.”

First¬†appearance in Chapter 15 – “Bah, Humbug!”

Hiroshi¬†– A quiet meager, first-year student at Domino High. He’s also a new member¬†to the Drama Club, and is, in fact, the one to suggest to Shunsuke and Akane¬†that they ask his English teacher, Miss Ninomiya, for story suggestions to be¬†converted into potential scripts for their play. He ends up playing as homeless¬†caroling boy in T√©a’s remake of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,”¬†modernized as “A Modern Christmas Carol,” and starring almost the
whole Yu-Gi-Oh gang. His name is based off a minor character from Rumiko Takahashi’s
“Ranma 1/2.”

First appearance in Chapter 15 – “Bah, Humbug!”

Enkur¬†– Not really an original character; it’s the historical name¬†I made up for Anubis, the Big Bad of the movie!arc (Chapters 22-24). Enkur¬†(the original holder of the name, not the character) may have been the Sumerian¬†Lord of the Underworld, which I thought was fitting, considering Anubis (the¬†Egyptian God) was the original God of the Underworld, before Osiris took over.
Anubis (the god) eventually became known as the Egyptian god of mummification,¬†presiding over the rituals and ceremonies of death and the weighing of the¬†heart. However, the media often portrays him as a “dark god,” and I sort of¬†stuck to that (bad) stereotyping for the sake of fitting the movie into WDKY.

First appearance in Chapter 24 – “A Perfect Victory”

Hadad¬†– An Akkadian name. Hadad (the original bearer of the name, not¬†the character) was the Semitic god of Thunder, also called Ba’al. In the WDKYverse,¬†he is Enkur’s only friend, though he retains a superior position class-wise.¬†Hadad’s fate is unknown, though it is presumed he died in the sandstorms that¬†overtook the Akkadian army.

First appearance in Chapter 24 – “A Perfect Victory”

Katsuro Hiroma¬†– Seto’s cousin and Chieko’s fianc√©. His given name, “Katsuro,” means¬†“Victory,” while Hiroma is the family name I chose for Seto and Mokuba’s¬†biological parents, meaning “Wide space.” (Truth is, I liked the sound¬†of the surname “Hiroma,” and just recently discovered its meaning).

First¬†appearance in Chapter # – “?”