Character Research

??? Gansley (Big 1)

Gansley’s the big, stout guy you see in the center every time the Big Five¬†appear in the anime. Since WDKY doesn’t use the Noah’s arc (from Battle City),¬†they’re still alive in the real world, but they don’t like Seto or T√©a one¬†bit! Gansley leads the Big Five in their quest against the ¬†corporate tycoon¬†and his girlfriend.

??? Crump (Big 2)

Crump is the first of the Big Five to actually “appear” in WDKY. He takes¬†a personal interest in T√©a (just like he did in the Noah’s arc of the anime),¬†and was actually her mother’s (Elizabeth Gardner) boss, though the two rarely¬†interacted. Crump dies of a heart attack after T√©a defends herself against his lascivious attentions¬†in Chapter 13.

Clark Johnson (Big 3)

The lawyer of the group, Johnson is fond of using legalese to confuse people.¬†He was also T√©a’s father’s (Eric “Rick” Gardner) boss, though¬†the two rarely interacted. Johnson is skilled at covering his tracks, because¬†he knows the law so well and how to find the loopholes in it. When Seto called¬†him in Chapter 9, he intentionally didn’t pick up– him and the rest of the¬†Big Five were responsible for framing Kaiba for the murders of the Gardners¬†anyway!

Frank Nesbitt (Big 4)

Of all the Big Five to hold a grudge, Frank Nesbitt would most definitely¬†be it. While the other members of the Big Five managed to maintain semi-active¬†roles in Kaiba Corporation by being in charge of its Board of Directors and¬†heading up a variety of lower-division firms, Nesbitt’s division, in charge¬†of making Kaiba Corp.’s once-famous weapons of war was shut down completely¬†when Seto Kaiba took charge. He’s held a grudge ever since, and wants to restart¬†his division to make a profit by selling weapons to terrorists.

Charles Leichter (Big 5)

Said to be Gozaburo Kaiba’s right-hand man, this smooth Southerner (that is,¬†from the American South; in the WDKYverse, he speaks Japanese, but with a thick¬†accent) was once the Vice-President of Kaiba Corp.– that is, before Seto Kaiba¬†ousted him in favor of his younger brother. Easily the smartest and cruelest¬†of the Big Five, Leichter is not one to be messed with.